A beautiful summary of Cerebrate 2010

Krish Venkatesh, Chief Evangelist, yourstory.in has beautifully summarized the happenings of Cerebrate 2010…

“Designed in Unconference format with no declared agenda, the Cerebrate invitees (cerebrities) engage in ‘cerebral’ conversations and don’t give speeches. These conversations provide a unique experience to the cerebrities in which they share also their own personal journey. At times, they weave stories that are a delight to fellow cerebrities. Ideas are tossed around and several thoughts are assembled in the cerebrity minds, which one day is capable of a revolution. The incredible experience of great minds in a common location and the bonding the event creates is an experience of a lifetime. The ground rules are that no two people from the same field feature in an edition of Cerebrate. It is always a residential program and invitees who, for some reasons are unable to stay on at night, are flatly refused admission. Participants are discouraged from using technology gadgets and are encouraged to focus only on conversations. Access to TV and newspapers is deliberately kept away and Cerebrate is held in locations that are preferably outside cities.”

Please read the complete write up here

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