Explaining Cerebrate’s Nature

‘Hustle bustle, noise, dust, dirt, traffic jams, crowd, and congestion’  a.k.a  ‘City Life’ has become a part and parcel of our day to day activities. No hotel or resort in the city gives us complete peace, because there the peace is confined only to the interiors.

We wanted to give the achievers a change, a change that will be remembered for the years to come. That is when we thought of the importance of location and the privacy.  The 4 days should be etched in their memory as few of the best days in their life. We decided to choose locations that offer whatever pleasantness that is missing in city life, like peace, freshness, room, privacy.

We tend to be at ease when there is more privacy and having audience heavily affects the privacy of discussion.  That is why we decided against public audience and that the achievers themselves would be the audience.

Ever felt at complete ease or as your natural self at conference? We guess no. That is why Cerebrate occurs as a Un-conference. We want people to be at ease so that they can open up their mind and heart and speak freely.

We saw that this strategy of ours was very much to the liking of the achievers from the feedback we got from the first edition. We decided to make this standard and the second edition received a similar feedback too. We are happy that we give the achievers 4 days of what the city life could not give. No cell phone, no schedules, no deadlines. Bliss!!We are looking forward towards the coming February hoping to receive another positive feedback.

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