Meeting of Jumbos! Cerebrate Thekkady edition


Think of jumbos and highly picturesque Thekkady will come to every one’s mind. Come May 19,  eleven  more will be joining them, 11 giants in their own fields, that’s Cerebrate, meeting of achievers. They come from different walks of lives. Imagine a Cigar manufacturer. meeting a yachting champ or a food consultant meeting a visual artist! A story teller will be sharing his life story with  a highly successful head of a chain of  educational institutions. How is it to work with marginalized communities and devising ways of seeking acceptance for them? to know in depth about the World famous  tsunami relief and rehabilitation project in Nagapattinam, what are the challenges one will face while working in rural India? whats common among Ads, scuba diving, restaurant and cigars? how is it to organise International sporting events? Whats so exciting in pastries and desserts?Thekkady edition of Cerebrate will truly be the meeting of jumbos (no pun intended) and that’s Cerebrate is all about

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  1. sarnya says:

    a classy event…