The Poem "Cerebrate" by Raja Sanyal

Cerebrate Invitee Raja Sanyal has written an amazing poem on Cerebrate.. without wasting any more time, here we go

Llife is a great teacher
That’s what says the preacher
Through life ourselves we try to Educate
And there is something called Cerebrate

We were a bunch of vertibrate
Who made each others brain vibrate
Made you feel life is to celebrate
And there was something called cerebrate

Made friends for life
There were three who didn’t have a wife
The word most used was passion
It was heart speak not gyan

There were moments to remember and learn
It was not about how to earn but to unlearn
Learn others wisdom to collate
And there was cerebrate

The poem will also be featured in soon to be published Cerebrate Book.

Raja Sanyal is A marketing and communications professional who draws inspiration from people and their stories. A compassionate poet at heart with humane values. Raja blogs at

We at Cerebrate thank Raja for penning down a really nice poem.
Photo by Shrinidhi

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  1. sarnya says:

    poem loaded with meaning