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  1. What is Cerebrate?
    Cerebrate is an invite only event for passionate achievers. For each edition of cerebrate, we hunt for people from various fields who’re extremely passionate about what they do and have achieved something unique and remarkable.At Cerebrate, the handpicked achievers spend time brainstorming, ideating and innovating on various topics.
  2. Who runs Cerebrate?
    Cerebrate was conceptualized by Kiruba Shankar, CEO, BusinessBlogging. Each edition of Cerebrate is run with the help of corporates and other equally passionate individuals.
  3. Can I buy a ticket?
    No. Cerebrate is an invite only event. If you’re an achiever or know someone who deserves to be invited to Cerebrate, please let us know.
  4. What is the USP of this event?
    Cerebrate is an initiative to get best thinkers and achievers from different fields together for four days of brainstorming and bonding. It’s an hybrid between an invite-only event and an unconference. It’s TED meets FooCamp.
  5. How did the idea behind the event start?
    Read this detailed post by Kiruba Shankar to know more
  6. Is this event like TED?
    Somewhat. But the no of invitees are highly restricted and there’re no audience seats…
  7. Is this an annual event?
    Cerebrate has been an annual event. However from 2010 onwards, multiple editions are being planned word-wide.
  8. How would we get to learn about the discussions that took place at the event?
    There’re plans to publish outcome of Cerebrate as a book. More details will be shared shortly.
  9. How would we get to learn about the discussions that took place at the event? Will the event be live webcast?


  1. How do you select the invitees?
    You may nominate achievers here. Invitees are selected after careful scrutiny of their profiles.
  2. Do the invitees have to pay money?
    No. There is no fee for being an achiever.


  1. What is the sponsor’s benefit from funding the event when they can’t even enter the premises of the event?
    Its an opportunity to bond with some of the finest brains. It’s an opportunity to associate your brand with the concept of passion and achievements
  2. There doesn’t seem to be any prominent take away from this event! Am I missing on something?
  3. Why would the achievers spend 4 days at a private place far away from the city just to have some discussion?
  4. What is the societal impact of this event?
  5. When one is not even assured of attending the event, why would some one volunteer?


  1. I know a great person who deserves to be part of this list. How do I nominate?
  2. Where will Cerebrate take place next year?
  3. Just like how TED has community events like TEDx, will there be city based Cerebrate events? Can I organize a Cerebrate in my city?


  1. I am interested in being a valuable sponsor of Cerebrate. How do I proceed?
  2. I have contacts of people who could be a prospective sponsor of Cerebrate, Can I help?
  3. I am an Individual; Can I still sponsor and help Cerebrate in some way?


  1. Are there any volunteers for the event?
  2. What is expected out of the volunteers?
  3. Are the volunteers allowed to be present while the event is happening?


  1.  I belong to a media and I would like to cover the event. Is it possible?
  2. Are all press people allowed to attend cerebrate or are there some conditions?
  3. What are the procedures to be followed to get access to cover the event?