Ramesh Manickam

Ramesh Manickam is the founder and CEO of Centroid Creative Hubb an Industrial Design firm based in Chennai, to practice and push boundaries in industrial design work in India.

Ramesh as an Industrial designer has styled products ranging from Tractors, wheel loaders, motorcycles, water heaters, baby warmer till pens. In the past 10 years he has worked on more than about 80 different projects giving creative design solutions and designing to context for his clients. The projects / products range from varying scale of complexity from mass-produced till one off products.

Ramesh represented India as a National finalist in International Young Design entrepreneur of the year 2006, award conducted by British council to nurture design entrepreneurship. He is also a

His passion from child hood is to keep drawing, he is a self thought artist, studied civil engineering, and aligned his career in Industrial Design. Before starting Centroid, he was with Royal Enfield, as an automotive designer and designed the legendary Thunderbird Motorcycle.

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