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Media Kit

To make life simpler, we would have the media kit handy for the press to download and use very soon. The media kit would contain-

High Resolution logo for web.
High resolution logos for print in all necessary formats (Including core file, jpg, png, gif etc.) and available in different variations for light and dark backgrounds.
Profile of the event as a whole (in .pdf and .doc format)
High resolution photographs of the participants

For Press Release

Cerebrate is an initiative to bring together achievers from various fields together for 4 days to brainstorm, bond and socialize. Coming February 25-28, Cerebrate will conduct its 3rd edition at MARG Tapovan, Pavunjur, Tamil Nadu.

Cerebrate is a self-organized event that happens as a unconference, meaning there are no formalities. Achievers bring forward their experience, sense of humor and share their experience with the other achievers. There are no specific audiences; every achiever is an audience as well. The job of the achievers varies as much as from a farmer to a space scientist.

Some of the Invitees of the last year said that it was one of their best times in life, staying away from the threatening deadlines, shutting down the noisy cell phones, but enjoying themselves in the meanwhile having pleasant discussions with other achievers from varied fields.

Coming February there are going to be 50 achievers from various fields like Advertising, Law, Theatre, Space Technology, Media, Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Photography and Movies getting together to have one of their most interesting and memorable times for the years to come.

For more information, please contact Kiruba Shankar at +91.98415 97744 or email at

Press Passes

We have limited media passes for the event and would love to have senior media professionals participate in the event. Note that we used participate as against the usual ‘cover the event’. We would love to have journalists get involved in the event which is why we encourage participation on all the 4 days. We prefer journalists who can cover the whole event as against covering only the achievers. Because of the nature of the event we discourage the recording of discussions. Usually press passes are finalized a month before the event and if you are interested please apply for a pass.