Invites For Silicon Valley 2010

The list of invitees will shortly be published. The selection process is under way. We are on the look out for achievers from various fields. If you know an achiever, please nominate the person .

Meanwhile you can look into the invitees for this year.

  1. Rajesh Setty , Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker .
  2. Sunil Robert , Global Executive .
  3. Steven Popell , President of Popell, Incorporated .
  4. Sharan Reddy , .
  5. Seymour Duncker , CEO of iCharts .
  6. Satyam Priyadarshy , Scientist, a Technology Expert .
  7. Ram Dutt , An Engineer and Businessperson .
  8. Ramanujam TA , .
  9. Raj Sardesh , Founder and CEO of Origany, inc .
  10. Mitchell Levy , CEO of Independent Publishing House Happy About® .
  11. Maya Bisineer , Entrepreneur, Writer, a Social Media and Technology Geek .
  12. Kate Kendall , Digital Marketer and Communications Manager .
  13. Karen Kang , CEO of Karen Kang Consulting and Former partner of Regis McKenna Inc .
  14. Latha Shankar , Expert educator, Coach and Mentor .
  15. Greg Isenberg , .
  16. Darius Miranda , .
  17. Alex Seidel , Seidel Architects .

Rajesh Setty,Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker.

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur, author and speaker based in Silicon Valley. Setty serves as the president of Suggestica, Inc. and also serves as the Executive Chairman of Jiffle, Inc. Setty is involved in multiple startups (India, Germany, Silicon Valley) as a board member, advisor and/or investor.

Setty wrote and published his first book when he was thirteen and got five other books published before he was sixteen. Setty is the author of “Beyond Code” (Foreword by Tom Peters) published in late 2005 and also the author of “Upbeat: Cultivating the Right Attitude to Thrive in Tough Times” (Foreword by Russ Fradin, chairman and CEO of Hewitt Associates) published in May 2009.

Setty has been involved with social media since 2003 and maintains a blog called Life Beyond Code where he has published more than 1300 articles on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and simply Living a Life Beyond Code. Life Beyond Code was named as one of the “Top 100 Management and Leadership Blogs in 2008” by HRWorld. Setty’s manifesto, (at “25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself” is one of the Top 5 Downloaded Manifestos on the site. His eBook “Personal Branding for Technology Professionals” has been downloaded more than 160,000 times.

Setty has spoken to audiences in several countries both at conferences and within companies. His 90-minute program on how to increase leverage in your life, “The Fulcrum Effect,” is available on DVD.

Setty lives with his wife Kavitha and their son Sumukh in Silicon Valley. You can read more about him at

Sunil Robert,Global Executive.

Sunil is an global executive who has spent more than 20 years in sales and marketing. He is a writer, speaker and a trainer in the area of communications. His mission is to deploy communications skills to enhance individuals and organizations to fulfil their goals. He has won several awards for corporate communication, most notably the Stevie award in 2006. He enjoys public speaking and music.

MOST passionate about

I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential. Within each individual lies the capacity for greatness and often one is limited by self-doubt. My first book ” I will survive” was an effort to inspire India’s young people. I believe in modeling every idea for others to see, so that folks recognize it not just as a fad but a conviction to live by.

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Steven Popell,President of Popell, Incorporated.

Steven D. Popell is President of Popell, Incorporated, a San Francisco Bay Area general management consulting firm founded in 1970, specializing in business valuation and exit strategies, and CEO of ExiTrak LLC. Mr. Popell has been qualified as an expert in business valuation since 1974, and has provided expert testimony in this field for more than thirty years. He has designed the ExiTrak® process to assist owner/managers to increase the strategic value of the company to support their exit strategy.

Steve is the author of Big Profits from Small Companies, published in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Spain. He is also the chief author of Computer Time Sharing – Dynamic Information Handling for Business, published in the U.S., France and Japan. He has published more than two dozen articles in leading professional journals, including the Harvard Business Review (reprinted in its Executive Book Series) and The Business Journal (San Jose and Silicon Valley.)

Steve has been awarded the designation of Certified Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants USA. In 2007, he received a Collaborative Practice California Eureka Award for his contributions to Collaborative Practice in this state. He received an MBA from Harvard University.

MOST passionate about

Besides my family and ExiTrak®, I am most passionate about being a senior athlete. I took up competitive racewalking at age 66, despite my lack of natural speed and significant deficits in balance, flexibility and muscle memory. Everthing I have achieved in the sport (including a ribbon in the 1,500 meters at the National Senior Games in 2009) has been the result of hard work, great coaching and the support of my wife. My goals for the next two years are to break 9:15 in the 1,500 meters, 10 minutes in the mile, 20 minutes in the 3K and 33:30 in the 5K.

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Sharan Reddy,.

I have worked in technology for the last 10 years. Starting in high-school where I built and sold high-end gaming machines to fellow students, I went on to graduate from college and work in India’s largest web-portal at the time

I left Sify after exactly 364 days to find the promised land of San Francisco and graduated with my Master’s to work as a Consultant at Deloitte for a couple of years.

Following several lengthy discussions with a Senior VP at a famous studio and at the urging of a serial entrepreneur who is also a filmmaker, I started and haven’t looked back since.

MOST passionate about

I am the spawn of a long list of ancestors all involved in some direct or tangential way with film, a large component of my finitely available passion falls in films. I cry like a little girl for the right scene and others can get my blood pumping or even motivate me for entire days.

With that said, I am an avid adrenaline junkie and attempt anything that will probably cause me to die at the slightest lack of concentration or focus. (Think back-country snowboarding, longboard downhill skateboarding and anything else you would like to suggest).

Finally, this is a statement that has caused me much grief, but also much entertainment, in the past and probably will again after stating it here. I will try anything once, if challenged by someone and not harming anything else. Anything.

Let’s see what I can be challenged to do at Cerebrate. 🙂

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Seymour Duncker,CEO of iCharts.

Seymour is the CEO of iCharts. iCharts helps you to create and distribute visual data apps, powering data web-sites, online reports and dashboard.

Seymour has over 15 years of experience in pioneering new markets. Before launching iCharts. Seymour worked for SAP, was involved in two start-ups and built his own consulting firm.

MOST passionate about

I love combining data, facts, ideas, anything to create something that is compelling, intriguing, inspiring. Something that is new and helps the world advance.

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Satyam Priyadarshy,Scientist, a Technology Expert.

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy is known as chief knowledge guru among his peers and friends. He describes himself as the one who likes to solve complex problems through simple solutions.

Dr. Priyadarshy is a scientist, a technology expert with an extensive business acumen. He is an expert in emerging technology and its impact on business, he is a unique leader for companies, their CXOs who are seeking to leverage technology.

Dr. Priyadarshy’s humble beginning in life started in a very small town in India, called Raja-Ka-Rampur in UP, where he was born in his grand parents home. He completed schooling in Assam and completed his Ph.D. from one of the top institution in the world, the IIT Bombay. He is one of the youngest Ph.D. from IIT Bombay.

His Ph.D. is was in developing and understand of the design of solar cell (chloroplast) using quantum mechanics and theoretical chemistry. His scientific areas of interest include Nanotechnology, DNA nanotechnology, non-linear optics, protein-protein interactions, long range electron transfer, quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.

He has published more than 30 research papers and articles in research journals and magazines. He is a frequent invited speaker to leading technology, science and business conferences. He has been a principal/co-investigator of 7 different high performance supercomputing grants.

Dr. Priyadarshy has held various academic positions like Assistant Professor-Research, Director of Computational Science among others in various academic institute including IIT Bombay, University of Sydney, University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey. Dr. Priyadarshy had various technical positions in the leading Internet company of its time, AOL (also known as AOL-Time Warner, America Online, etc.). He was one of co-founding member of the AOL Research Lab in US in mid 2000’s and established the Research unit in AOL-India Bangalore and headed that unit for AOL. He also played key role in establishing the research unit in Beijing China for AOL.

After AOL he established a boutique consulting company, focused on provide strategy, technology and business consulting services to the CEOs and CTOs of a public and private Internet and Telecom companies.

In 2008, he joined as Chief Knowledge Officer reporting to the CEO and Chairman of Network Solutions, the leading domain and hosting company, where he led the transformation of the company by moving their main revenue channel (the ecommerce channel) from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 successfully. He defined and implemented usability research, competitive intelligence and knowledge management structures using latest technology and solutions. He also implement alternative sourcing strategy using agile, adaptable and cost-effective global partners that led to 75% reduction in cost and 300% increase in productivity. Using his expertise in holistic analysis of business and technology he helped save millions of dollars per year.

Since 2009, he is expanding his role as Chief Knowledge Guru and has become a Venture Idealist, working as a CTO in a set of portfolio companies, like PresidentSolar, Sustainable Star, QFETCH’s LLC’s ( and

His current interests in technology and business include:
Executive Leadership, International Experience, On/Off-shore outsourcing, Strategic/Tactical Planning/Cost Savings/Budgeting, Value Generation, Customer Advocacy, Business Visibility,
Agile Methodology, Web Technologies, Digital Media, Search Engine, Web 3.0, Mobile Technologies
Emerging Technologies, Scalable Solutions, Cloud/Virtualization, Deep Web, Big Data.

Dr. Priyadarshy a member of Phi Lamba Upilson, an honorary society of chemists. He has received many awards in corporate world as well as many academic scholarships.

Dr. Priyadarshy did MBA from The Pamplin School of Business, Virginia Tech in 2006. He is also an adjunch Professor in School of Management, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Dr. Priyadarshy is also a poet, who writes Hindi Poetry when he can and has participated in International Hindi Poetry Reciting events.

MOST passionate about

I am passionate about solving complex problems through simple solutions. I am also passionate about coaching, mentoring young generation as well as technology and business leaders. I volunteer my time for many non-profit organizations, to help these causes.

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Ram Dutt,An Engineer and Businessperson.

While I’m an engineer by profession, my passion lies in entrepreneurship and the arts. I see my own passion for music and art in my eight year old son, who is already on his way to becoming a great artist. In fact, he was a big part of the inspiration behind my start-up, Meylah.

As an engineer and businessperson, I have many years experience in business development, sales management and building long-term, successful partnerships. I’ve succeeded in technical sales and business analysis for over 10 years.

MOST passionate about

Making an impact in the world we live in. Conserving resources for the most effective use. Golf

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Ramanujam TA,.

TA Ramanujam is very passionate about music, theater, script writing and movie making. He is an avid music listener. His maiden script was inaugurated in 2006 at California and was staged at Museum theater, Chennai and the prestigious Ranga Shankara in Bangalore, India.

His recent play, ‘Seeds and Flowers’ was received very well by the audience, here in US as well as in India, when Krea took the production to Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai in the summer of 2007 and later the same production was staged in New Jersey, San Diego and Edmonton, Canada. Seeds and Flowers was also translated into Urdu and staged in San Diego. He has also scripted several short films. Krea’s short film titled ‘Sunset’ ( won the the Best Short Film in one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s festivals.

Ramanujam has been married to Dheepa and they have a lovely daughter Akshaya who is also interested in theater and writes for The Aggie (

MOST passionate about

I believe that there are many stories to be told and I want to tell stories that addresses social and cultural issues, commercially. Passionate about writing, films, theatre and reading.

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Raj Sardesh,Founder and CEO of Origany, inc.

Raj Sardesh is founder and CEO of Origany, inc. ( Origany specializes in organic clothing for babies and toddlers. Founded in 2006, Origany is based in San Francisco, CA. Since inception, Raj has overseen all aspects of Origany’s clothing line, including, creative design, sourcing, production, marketing and sales/distribution.

Raj’s work with Origany has been recognized on a number of occasions. Origany reversible baby hoodie received the coveted iParenting award for its versatility, eco-friendliness, super soft fabric and wash-n-wear utility for babies. Raj also created a unique fiber with a combination of baby alpaca combined with organic cotton first in the industry to develop baby alpaca dress for toddler girls. The dress was included in the top 10 baby items by The same dress was on the cover of “Baby and Kids” trade publication. Origany clothes have been very well received by several known Hollywood celebrities, including, Michelle Reitman (wife of Gloden Globe and Oscar nominee Jason Reitman), Joely Fisher (“Till Death”), Constance Marie (“Gorge Lopez “), Samantha Harris (“Dancing with the Stars”), Nancy O’Dell (“Access Hollywood”), eco-athlete Ovie Mughelli (Atlanta Falcons football team) and many others.

Recently Raj has been busy leading the design of Origany’s fall/winter 2010 line (including brand new toddler boys line) that will be available in September through boutiques, on Origany web site and from their Canadian distributor Wildoctopus (

MOST passionate about

Raj is passionate about his teenage daughter, running, international travel, cooking global cuisine, and his support for charity organizations such as the SF AIDS Foundation and Rain Action Network. He has helped raise money for the SF Aids Foundation by running a marathon a couple of years ago and he hopes to participate in the SF-LA AIDS Lifecycle bike ride in year 2011.

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Mitchell Levy,CEO of Independent Publishing House Happy About®.

Mitchell Levy is the author of eleven business books and the CEO of the independent publishing house Happy About®. After earning his MBA from the College of William and Mary, he spent 13 years working for corporations in IT, Finance and Operations. He then spent 11 years as an entrepreneur creating 13 companies and strategic partnerships including Happy About in 2005. Wanting to deliver the types of services he was looking for as a service provider, he created Happy About to make book publishing approachable. Mr. Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm CXOnetworking and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). Previously, he created four executive education programs at two different Silicon Valley Universities, was the conference chair for four Comdex conferences focusing on business executives at medium-to-large sized enterprises, has contributed to and written over 100 articles and given over 250 spee ches on e-commerce and business, and has prognosticated and published an annual top 10 business trends since 1998.

MOST passionate about

Most passionate about making long-term relationships of respect and trust and helping people grow and succeed. It’s fun to influence and watch individuals (and corporations) success and this has been a part of each of the 13 companies I’ve been involved with over the last 14 years.

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Maya Bisineer,Entrepreneur, Writer, a Social Media and Technology Geek.

Maya is an entrepreneur, writer, a social media and technology geek. who is insanely passionate about education and enabling. After more than a decade in technology and business in larger companies, Maya made the shift to tech startup life and has never been happier.

Maya is the founder of Memetales – a revolutionary marketplace for children’s picture books. Memetales opened doors March 2010 and has been growing steadily in community and content.

Memetales also helps writers and illustrators collaborate through an online collaboration space.Maya worked as a software developer, architect and consultant in bigger corporations for a number of years in companies such as Qwest, Compuware and American Chemical Society.

Maya is Director of Education at Social Media Club, Seattle, sits on the advisory board for the Digital Arts Program at The Everett Community College. Maya is also a founding board member of MomItForward. Maya co-founded ReadingSocialMedia (@readsm) – a social media book club powered by Social Media. She is a monthly columnist at SimpleLivingMedia.

MOST passionate about

Most passionate about connecting people across the world around a context. I am fascinated with the possibilities that exist by bringing together technology, social, the online and the offline worlds. Their intersection is a powerful one for education, non profits, community, local and global communities. Experimenting, learning and innovating in that space is what I am passionate about. And yes, children and education are dear to my heart.

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Kate Kendall,Digital Marketer and Communications Manager.

Kate Kendall is a digital marketer and communications manager hailing from Melbourne, Australia. She advises on social media, community engagement and content strategy. She is also a freelance writer.

She was formerly the Digital Director at the magazine publishing company Niche Media and was responsible for the digital division including business and technical development management, content and social media strategy, revenue generation and marketing activities for the overall online portfolio.

Kate started at Niche Media as the online editor of and a feature writer for Marketing magazine, and wrote cover stories on global superbrands such as Google, L’Oréal and Microsoft.

Prior to this, Kate worked in a mixture of editorial, marketing and communication roles in the magazine and retail industries.

Kate founded and organises the Social Media Melbourne meetup, which involves open, unstructured and inclusive conversational gatherings. The group facilitates discussion across industry and is a catalyst for collaboration, idea generation and knowledge transfer.

She has a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne in biotechnology and microbiology, and is completing her masters thesis in social media marketing strategy and planning this semester at RMIT University.

Kate is a well-connected social media user. You can follow Kate on Twitter via @katekendall or visit

MOST passionate about

I am passionate about using technology for positive social change through building communities to facilitate knowledge sharing, skill transfer and individual empowerment. I am also passionate about entrepreneurship and startup culture, authentic marketing, innovative journalism, lifehacking, staying healthy and being kind.

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Karen Kang,CEO of Karen Kang Consulting and Former partner of Regis McKenna Inc.

Silicon Valley branding expert Karen Kang is the CEO of Karen Kang Consulting and is a former partner with Regis McKenna Inc., the legendary marketing consulting firm that launched Apple and Genentech. She’s consulted to more than 100 organizations on corporate and personal branding from AT&T, Genentech, McKesson and HP to start-ups and non-profits.

She is a sought-after speaker and has conducted branding seminars at top business schools from Wharton (UPenn) to Haas (UC Berkeley), the National Retail Federation, Ascend, the Asian Business League and many other venues. A former media journalist, she has held executive positions in marketing consulting, advertising and public relations firms.
She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Mills College, where she holds her B.A. degree, and earned her M.S. degree from Boston University.

MOST passionate about

My passion is helping professionals and companies reach their potential through branding from the inside out. All of us have a brand, but how well do we understand our brand potential and communicate it? I love to help others figure out the hidden gems in their brand, reach clarity on who they are and empower them to make the most of it. Evolving my methodology and tools to guide companies and people through their brand strategy and ecosystem development is a creative process that I find hugely rewarding.

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Latha Shankar,Expert educator, Coach and Mentor.

Brief Bio

Latha Shankar is an expert educator, coach and mentor. She is engaged in encouraging young generation to follow the path of science. Her coaching had led many young aspiring scientists to develop their career in science, especially girls. Her teaching experience includes teaching in the University and K-12 systems.

Latha obtained her M.Sc from IIT Bombay, and an MS from University of Pittsburgh. She has done research work various institutes including The IIT Bombay. The University of Sydney, and University of Pittsburgh. She has published many research papers in area of Biosensors (Analytical Chemistry) focused on topics of understanding disease like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and role of neurotransmitters.

She has received many awards for teaching including the Safford Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Pittsburgh. She has been awarded Hometown teacher by students many times.

She is an active volunteer for many years in non-profit organization, India International School, where kids learn about languages, culture, dance and music from India. She teaches Tamil to kids and presents their achievements in form of a stage drama performance in Tamil. She writes and directs the drama for the kids.

MOST passionate about

I am most passionate about providing education and inspiration to growing minds.

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Greg Isenberg,.

Greg is steeped in the ethos of social media and startup culture. He founded Cup Of Tea Interactive, a social media agency that supplied its services to companies like Oakley, Hype Energy Drink, NASCAR and The Government of Canada. Greg has a proven track record of helping brands launch websites that are fully engineered to help them converse, communicate, and collaborate directly with their visitors.

Greg was responsible of the media budget that generated 1 million clicks+ per month through SEM, banner ads, PPV and social media display for clients as Co-Founder of KissLuv Media.

Greg’s startups have been featured on Mashable, The Huffington Post, KillerStartups, AOL and more. He was named by the Montreal Mirror as an “IT prodigy” in May 2010.

MOST passionate about

I am most passionate about using the internet to affect the most amount of people in a positive way. I live by the following quote.

“I want to put a ding in the universe.”
Steve Jobs

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Darius Miranda,.

Brief Bio

Darius currently lives in San Francisco. He works for a large US bank (5 years) currently leading large B2B and intranet Social Web strategy. His team focuses on innovation, and best practices for customer and team member communities. Prior to moving to SF, Darius spent 11 years with an investment company in Los Angeles. He earned a bachelor’s degree in The Classics from UCLA.

MOST passionate about

I am most passionate about family, friends, travel, outdoor sports, gadgets, happy hour (aka “assisted brainstorming”) and vintage mid-century modern furniture. Especially chairs.

Alex Seidel,Seidel Architects.

Alex Seidel of Seidel Architects has gained national recognition for its architectural practice, which includes urban housing, mixed use development, academic buildings as well as commercial projects and private residences. The firm also has planning and urban design capabilities.

As the founding principal of Seidel Architects, Alexander Seidel has 20 years of experience as the design principal on a variety of projects. His architectural projects have received more than 60 design awards, Including 15 from the American Institute of Architects. The projects have received extensive publication in books and professional journals.

In 1998 Seidel was honored with advancement to the College of Fellows in the American Institute of Architects for his notable contribution to the advancement of housing and community design. The Jury noted that “his work demonstrates design excellence for affordable housing for families and seniors, infill housing, and transit oriented development recognized for its informed urban and contextual responsiveness.”

Seidel served as a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome in 1999, furthering his research in urban design. He has also served on the Architectural Review Committee for the City of San Jose, and The Site Plan and Architectural Review Committee in Mountain View, and the Belvedere Planning Commission.

Prior to founding Seidel Architects, Seidel was the Design Partner at Seidel/Holzman.

He also worked at Skidmore Owings and Merrill’s San Francisco Office, in addition to working with noted architects Cesar Pelli and Charles Moore.

He completed his Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University in 1976, where he received the New York Society of Architects Design Award. In 1989 he completed his graduate degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

MOST passionate about

I enjoy conceiving urban environments in collaboration with a variety of communities and professionals. My interest is in combiining diverse inputs to create designs that both respond to current needs, and result in environments of long term enduring value.

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