This is the place where we list down the help needed. If you think you can help us with any of the following, we’d love to hear from you.

Kindly add your name next to the task where you could help. This page is a wiki. You can add your name below by clicking on the ‘edit’ button. To get to know how to edit, kindly read the following step by step instructions available at the end of this page.

We must tell you in advance that because of limited space availability and the nature of this event, not all volunteers can be present at event. However, your help will be acknowledged and your profile and area of help will be mentioned in the credits page.
Places where help is needed


We need help in nominating achievers. We would send out invitations to the top 50 achievers. Please help us if you know at least one achiever from any field. You can nominate achievers here.

Spreading the word around

We would appreciate if you can tweet, blog and facebook about the event. The farther we reach, the better are the chances of finding amazing people. Please do remember to tag your posts, tweets, podcasts with the official tags #cerebrate2010 and #cerebrate. If you have done so, please add the links to this page.

“I would love to live blog/tweet/fb the event if given a chance! I’m already tweeting about the event!” – @dhempe / Hrish Thota/ Hrish Thota on Facebook

Finding prospective sponsors

The most demanding element in a non-profit event is the funds. We are searching for sponsors for our event and we would be grateful if you could help us. If you can think of any prospective sponsors and have any contacts with them, kindly let us know.

How to Edit

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